Next Meetup Fri, May 7 @ 5p.m.

Image courtesy of Rodger Roundy:

Please join me and several visiting producers on Friday, May 7 at the Rooftop Bar of the Vendue Hotel. We’ll be there from 5p.Β 

A large portion of the lower level of the bar is covered in case of rain.

Reasonably-priced parking available at Cumberland and Concord. . .well, reasonable to me after living in downtown Chicago for so many years.

Hope to see y’all there! Here’sΒ the link on the NAMU siteΒ to RSVP.


Short-Notice Meetup Sunday April 11 @ 4p

Yet another producer is doing a road-trip and swinging through Charleston soon.

She was born here, but her parents moved when she was an infant and she’s never been back so she’s including it on a cross-country trip she’s taking this month and next.

We will be meeting at Bay Street Biergarten at 4p on Sunday April 11. Please join us if you can!

Here’s her path/story etc:

Update: it’s now live on the NAMU site so you can RSVP if you like.



Tom Blomquist Book Signing Mar 11 4p-7p

ITM y’all! My friend Tom published his second book recently and is having a book-signing next Thursday at Bay Street Biergarten from 4-7p.

If you were at the meet-shoot in November, you met him. πŸ™‚ He wrote the “Swamp Thing” episode that starred Adam. He did a lot of other Hollyweird stuff, but that’s of course how I think of him.

It’s a joint signing with Ron Ward who seems like a cool guy to meet as well. He’s the former Academy Director for the US Probation Academy at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.

I will hopefully be able to make it. I haven’t seen Tom or his wife since Thanksgiving.

Here are their books in case you’re interested:

Ron Ward – The Dirty Side of Leadership:
Tom Blomquist – Silent Partners (his first):
Tom Blomquist – Devious Thinking (his recent release):


Thank you to all of the very generous ANA donors over the past year!

*Pls excuse bad hair and audio. πŸ˜‰

Banned from YouBoob!

ITM y’all – as you might have heard on episode 1292, the ANA clip that was published on Oct 31 was banned by the Googley Overlords. Jerks.

I added it to Bitchute and Lbry and have ANA channels there now too.

Vegas Baby! Vegas!

What a whirlwind! Booked my flights 4 days out with points (which was a small miracle), spent 23 hours in airports and on planes, and about 18 hours total in Vegas. . .but what a fantastic trip. I only have one photo on my phone, but I have pulled a few from NAS and will add to this as I see more.

Annnd – if there are any other Gilmore Girls fans out there (I love that show – not ashamed), you might recognize an attendee. . .Rory’s Dad! AKA David Sutcliffe who’s been listening for about a year.