Next Meetup – Sat May 2

ITM y’all – thank you to everyone who defied the Wuhan virus fear mongering and came out yesterday!

Save the date – next meetup will be Saturday, May 2. . .technically 7 week cycle as I can’t do the previous weekend.

This is Derby Day as long as the Derby isn’t cancelled in the meantime!


Not pictured - My Husband, Sir Buc, Sir Daniel, Erin and their growing family. TYFYC!

Alternate version below accusing me of being our spook. Please note, the accusation came from our actual spook.

Donating toward Animated No Agenda

ITM y’all! I’ve had quite a few questions about this, so here are the options if you want to show Value for Value re: Animated No Agenda.

Option 1 – Show Credit: If you want NA show credit toward your peerage, but you also want to let John & Adam know that you are donating in recognition of the animations, you should use the first link below. It goes direct to the NA PayPal, but has a special notation that it came from supporting Animated No Agenda.

Donate here direct to the show for show/peerage credit

Option 2 – Donate to the Art Director and Get Credited on YouTube: Alternatively, if you want to help me defray the costs of the software I am using and any future self-hosting costs I may have to incur as YouBoob gets worse and worse, you can donate to me via the second link below and I will of course split all proceeds with the show.

You won’t get credit toward your peerage, but you will get my everlasting gratitude, and a credit in the end of the next clip I produce and in the YouTube notes of that clip. 🙂

Donate to my S-corp (called IITA) via PayPal for credit in the next clip and I will also share with the show!

Donate via the CashApp

Donate via Strike

***We are now streaming sats y’all!*** If you’d like to donate that way, I recommend using Podfriend as it worked immediately and supports video (works in any chromium-based browser and mobile apps are on the way). Click here to access via Podfriend. If you want credit on the next clip, you’ll have to let me know separately via email since the sats are anonymous.

If you are allergic to electronic payments, you can send checks by snail-mail to the address below. Make the check out to IITA Inc. and put ANA in the notes field. You might want to email me too as I don’t visit the box very often. 🙂

Jennifer Buchanan – IITA Inc.
164 Market St #199
Charleston SC 29401


p.s. Remember to like and subscribe to the YT channel. 😉

Save the Date and SEWE

***I sent this via the Lowcountry listserv, but posting here too for those who haven’t yet subscribed.***

ITM y’all – thanks again to those that came out last Saturday. When I mentioned that the next 6-week cycle would overlap SEWE I must have been letting the vodka talk.

  • Next meetup will be in March. . .probably Saturday, March 14.
  • SEWE is always around Valentine’s Day and is in less than 2 weeks.
  • I know how I made the mistake in my head, but it would take too long to explain and is dumb anyway. 🙂

In any event, Gary and I will still be venturing to at least the art portion of SEWE at Charleston Place on Saturday, Feb 15. I know I went on and on (and on) about it, but it is a great event with activities all over the peninsula. I highly recommend the birds of prey demos (Marion Square), the dock dog competition (at Brittlebank) and of course the ART (Charleston Place and the Gaillard). They also have a lot of hunting and fishing gear for display and sale. Guns, guns, guns! Reels, reels, reels! And also some serious freaking knives. See

If you have any plans to go to Charleston Place on Sat the 15th, let me know. We are dog sitting that weekend so can’t do the full SEWE experience, but we’ve made acquaintances with some of the artists that we’d like to see again this year.

I’ll let you know when I’ve scheduled the next “official” meetup for mid-March.


Meetup Thursday Dec 19!

Hope to see y’all at the next Meetup this Thursday! We can celebrate show 1200 together. 🙂

We’re meeting at Edmund’s Oast second location – the one on upper King next to Warehouse. Gary and I will be there from 5:30ish and I will hang at the end of the bar nearest the door to catch other producers (similar to where we were when we met here in May). I will bring heads on sticks too – both the photo versions and the animated versions. 😉

If you’re new – pictures are below from past meetups so you can find us.


Here’s my latest promo for the show – took the amazing “Nothing Like a Dame” song by Sir Chris Wilson and friends and animated it. REMINDER: Next Meetup Sat Nov 9. 🙂

Save the Dates – Sat Oct 5 & Sat Nov 9

ITM y’all! I don’t yet have the photos from the last one, but will post once received.

[UPDATE – after you’ve read this, also go here:]

Next meetup will be Saturday, October 5, 1p-4p at Home Team (NoMo location). Come join this fun, growing group and keep your amygdala in check!

Here’s the link on the meetup site.

Separately, I added the next meetup for Nov 9 at Rockabillaque in Park Circle. It’s technically slightly out-of-band for the 6-week cycle (5 weeks), but this an excellent event and fun day out. If you’ve been and have ideas for a spot and time we can meet, let me know. I was thinking DIG in the Park at 1ish. They have a large outdoor area where we can find each other and then enjoy the car show / entertainment / etc as desired. Let me know your thoughts!

I also created a listserv. Yes, it’s very 90’s of me. 😉 You can join via the form below. I have enabled incognito mode, in case you are concerned about your email address being made public. You can also use an alias for your name, but I think the point of this is to know with whom you’re interacting. . .but that’s just MO. Feel free to use an alias as well. Spammers will obviously be kicked off as soon as they are discovered, but please be patient with your humble admin.

I’m using gagglemail, which is not free (but super cheap), so we are not the product. See here for more info:

We have a 14-day free trial at present, so if you have other ideas, I am totally open. I considered starting a new slack instance for us, but I am sure there would be some objection(s) there. Maybe I’m wrong. . .reach out and let me know your thoughts.