Here’s my latest promo for the show – took the amazing “Nothing Like a Dame” song by Sir Chris Wilson and friends and animated it. REMINDER: Next Meetup Sat Nov 9. 🙂

Save the Dates – Sat Oct 5 & Sat Nov 9

ITM y’all! I don’t yet have the photos from the last one, but will post once received.

[UPDATE – after you’ve read this, also go here: http://jenniferisaacbuchanan.com/meetup-update-and-wth-is-a-listerv/]

Next meetup will be Saturday, October 5, 1p-4p at Home Team (NoMo location). Come join this fun, growing group and keep your amygdala in check!

Here’s the link on the meetup site.

Separately, I added the next meetup for Nov 9 at Rockabillaque in Park Circle. It’s technically slightly out-of-band for the 6-week cycle (5 weeks), but this an excellent event and fun day out. If you’ve been and have ideas for a spot and time we can meet, let me know. I was thinking DIG in the Park at 1ish. They have a large outdoor area where we can find each other and then enjoy the car show / entertainment / etc as desired. Let me know your thoughts!

I also created a listserv. Yes, it’s very 90’s of me. 😉 You can join via the form below. I have enabled incognito mode, in case you are concerned about your email address being made public. You can also use an alias for your name, but I think the point of this is to know with whom you’re interacting. . .but that’s just MO. Feel free to use an alias as well. Spammers will obviously be kicked off as soon as they are discovered, but please be patient with your humble admin.

I’m using gagglemail, which is not free (but super cheap), so we are not the product. See here for more info: https://gaggle.email/compare-group-email-services

We have a 14-day free trial at present, so if you have other ideas, I am totally open. I considered starting a new slack instance for us, but I am sure there would be some objection(s) there. Maybe I’m wrong. . .reach out and let me know your thoughts.

Next Meetup: Thurs Aug 22

ITM y’all and TYFYC!

I’ve submitted another meetup to the site for August 22.

Picking Moe’s Crosstown this time. We used to live in the neighborhood and LOVE this place. It’s street parking, but we’ve never had much trouble since we moved away (we miss being able to walk there!).

Look out for the other producers in the photos below to find our tribe.

Don’t forget to join https://noagendasocial.com! Send me an email to request an invite. 🙂

Meetup Thursday!

ITM and TYFYC! Hope to see you Thursday the 11th at Ms. Rose’s! 

Who’s bringing the Adam & John cutouts for photos? 😉

Proposed Meetup July 11

Hi all – I submitted a new meetup to the site yesterday and am waiting for Mimi to approve it. It’s exactly 6 weeks since our last one.

In the meantime, I wanted to get the word out here too. . .I am totally open to moving to Saturday the 13th if that’s a better date for everyone.

We are proposing the venue Ms Rose’s in WA – easy to get to, good happy hour menu, lots of parking, etc. We went to a networking event there and their space worked really well.


NA Meetup Re-Cap

ITM No Agenda Producers! Here’s a picture from our first meetup May 30. Maybe we make them a 6-week cycle event? 😉

Coincidentally 6 weeks after the 30th would have been my Dad’s 82nd birthday and is lucky 7/11.

If you have date and/or venue suggestions, let me know! There are definitely more NA producers around us. We even had a family drive in from Columbia!

I’m @jennifer on noagendasocial.com or send me an email jennifer [at] jennifer-buchanan [dot] com (tweeters and facebag links above in the header as well).