Vegas Baby! Vegas!

What a whirlwind! Booked my flights 4 days out with points (which was a small miracle), spent 23 hours in airports and on planes, and about 18 hours total in Vegas. . .but what a fantastic trip. I only have one photo on my phone, but I have pulled a few from NAS and will add to this as I see more.

Annnd – if there are any other Gilmore Girls fans out there (I love that show – not ashamed), you might recognize an attendee. . .Rory’s Dad! AKA David Sutcliffe who’s been listening for about a year.

Meetup Recap – Possible Next Date to Save

THANK YOU again to Katie for organizing the October meetup! It was a great afternoon.

ICYMI, Katie was also Damed on Sunday the 4th!

For the next one, I am considering the annual Rockabillaque in Park Circle on Saturday, Nov 14. . .I am keeping an eye on their website and social media posts for details on how ‘rona crazy they are. I want to make sure it would still be a fun event. Stay tuned and just semi-save-the-date. 🙂

Also, Jason is Doing the Work and will schedule a meet-shoot soon too! He’ll post on the meetup site and I’ll promote here and via the listserv.

Here’s a few pics from the last one. . .

Next Meetup Sat, Oct 3 @ 4 p.m.

Thanks to all who came out to the last meetup tubing the Edisto River. I had a great time and will definitely add that to my summer to-do list for next year.
Katie made an excellent suggestion for the next meetup and has Done the Work to organize it. Here’s a copy of her note below. Details and ability to RSVP are on the meetup site here:

I hope everyone is STAYING SAFE during these UNPRECEDENTED times. 
Because the river float was not up everyone's alley, we decided to schedule another meetup outside the 6 week cycle. Jennifer will be posting it on NA Meetups soon! [I will post the link when available]
When: Saturday, October, 3 from 4-6pm
Where: Holy City Brewing ( 1021 Aragon Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405 at the picnic tables in the back of the building.  Park and face the brewery, walk around the right side of the building near the event center under construction. No masks required because you aren't going in the building!
  • Holy City has a full bar and good food and is family friendly. Dogs are not people there so leave them at home. 
  • Some of the picnic tables are on the marsh. Depending on where we end up sitting, you might need bug spray!
  • Porta potties so you don't have to mask up to use the inside restrooms. 
  • Holy City requires a mask when ordering at the outdoor walk up counter, We can do the work to order for those who don't want to mask up.   
  • They ask to limit it to 8 people per table, and they don't take reservations, so please RSVP so we can get there early enough to grab good tables near each other!
I'm up there a good bit, so if I left anything out, just ask! 
TYFYC and I hope to see you there!

Oh, and ICYMI because you ff through the second donation segment and/or meetup reports, I did a promo that got played on Sunday the 20th.

Next Meetup Sat, Sept 5

Many, many thanks to Kevin for hosting the last meetup. It was an excellent afternoon!
Next meetup, we will be taking advantage of a local treasure. . .tubing the Edisto River from Givhans Ferry State Park. Kevin and his family went twice last month and Dame Beth has been as well. Sounds super fun! (NOT super painful like the Moderna ‘rona vaccine! *rubbing my arm*)
If you will be in town Labor Day weekend, we’ll be there Saturday, Sept 5. Timing is kinda impor’an’ so we can all launch together. The whole journey takes 2-3 hours depending on if/when we “pull over” at beaches etc. There is a great company that will take care of equipment, transit back etc if you book via the link below. Not totally necessary to pre-book if you’re not sure if you can make it, as long as you arrive at the right time to link up with us on the day.
I’m thinking we should target a launch around 11 am, so arrival about 10:30ish.
I realize this meetup is not everyone’s cup of tea and our next meetup will be more conventional. 🙂 We’re booked with dogs every weekend in Sept after Labor Day so I can’t host in September, but if the mask mandate goes away we could go back to a bar/restaurant. It was originally set to end at the end of August, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they pushed it out. . .fingers crossed that it isn’t extended.

Save the Date – Next Meetup Sat Aug 1 @ 1pm

ITM y’all! Kevin has generously offered to host the next meetup where masks will be optional while we’re under mandatory masks here in the Lowcountry.

Kevin will grill burgers and chicken.

Bring a lawn chair, your favorite side-dish and libations for an afternoon of trigger-free conversation.

Kids welcome (trampoline and tree swing).

Here’s the link on the meetup site.

Please RSVP via the meetup site, to me via direct email, or to the listserv and I will send you the address.

Hope to see y’all there and TYFYC! xoxo

Past meetup pics below.

[Apparently my name is now Jame Dennifer. Ha ha ha!]

NA Meetup Recap

Thank you to all who came out last Saturday! Pictures below.

We have one last weekend of mask-free liberation and I hope to take advantage of it. . .but I’ll probably still just work, clean the house and grocery shop. I’m so exciting. 🙂

David from NC and his wife are coming back down. I will send an email to the listserv if you are free and want to join us.


Next Meetup June 20

Next meetup at Taco Boy downtown on Saturday the 20th. It’s also on the meetup site here.

Taco Boy is now taking reservations online, which is way better than in mid-May when we had to call and hang out in the parking lot until they texted us.

Maybe by the 20th all of this ‘rona $h*t will be out the window. Who knows. For now, I have reserved a table of 8 that has 7. Anyone beyond the first 8 will need to make their own reservations. 🙂 Here’s the link.

Choose your own adventure!

RSVP to me via the meetup link, or preferably by email by the 18th and I will update everyone via email on the list I have etc. If you’re making your own, that would be very useful to know as well.

We’ll get the meet-shoot in the books soon as well. . .really looking forward to that in these nutty times. Good gravy.

If you’re new – pics from past meetups below. TYFYC!