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ITM y’all! I’ve had quite a few questions about this, so here are the options if you want to show Value for Value re: Animated No Agenda.

Option 1 – Show Credit: If you want NA show credit toward your peerage, but you also want to let John & Adam know that you are donating in recognition of the animations, you should use the first link below. It goes direct to the NA PayPal, but has a special notation that it came from supporting Animated No Agenda.

Donate here direct to the show for show/peerage credit

Option 2 – Donate to the Art Director and Get Credited on YouTube: Alternatively, if you want to help me defray the costs of the software I am using and any future self-hosting costs I may have to incur as YouBoob gets worse and worse, you can donate to me via the second link below and I will of course split all proceeds with the show.

You won’t get credit toward your peerage, but you will get my everlasting gratitude, and a credit in the end of the next clip I produce and in the YouTube notes of that clip. 🙂

Donate to my S-corp (called IITA) via PayPal for credit in the next clip and I will also share with the show!

Donate via the CashApp

Donate via Strike

If you are allergic to electronic payments, you can send checks by snail-mail to the address below. Make the check out to IITA Inc. and put ANA in the notes field. You might want to email me too as I don’t visit the box very often. 🙂

Jennifer Buchanan – IITA Inc.
164 Market St #199
Charleston SC 29401


p.s. Remember to like and subscribe to the YT channel. 😉

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