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ITM y’all! I’ve had quite a few questions about this, so here are the options if you want to show Value for Value re: Animated No Agenda.

Option 1 – Show Credit: If you want NA show credit toward your peerage, but you also want to let John & Adam know that you are donating in recognition of the animations, you should use the first link below. It goes direct to the NA PayPal, but has a special notation that it came from supporting Animated No Agenda.

Donate here direct to the show for show/peerage credit

Option 2 – Donate to the Art Director and Get Credited on YouTube: Alternatively, if you want to help me defray the costs of the software I am using and any future self-hosting costs I may have to incur as YouBoob gets worse and worse, you can donate to me via the second link below and I will of course split all proceeds with the show.

You won’t get credit toward your peerage, but you will get my everlasting gratitude, and a credit in the end of the next clip I produce and in the YouTube notes of that clip. 🙂

Donate to my S-corp (called IITA) via PayPal for credit in the next clip and I will also share with the show!

Donate via the CashApp

Donate via Strike

***We are now streaming sats y’all!*** If you’d like to donate that way, I recommend using Podfriend as it worked immediately and supports video (works in any chromium-based browser and mobile apps are on the way). Click here to access via Podfriend. If you want credit on the next clip, you’ll have to let me know separately via email since the sats are anonymous.

If you are allergic to electronic payments, you can send checks by snail-mail to the address below. Make the check out to IITA Inc. and put ANA in the notes field. You might want to email me too as I don’t visit the box very often. 🙂

Jennifer Buchanan – IITA Inc.
164 Market St #199
Charleston SC 29401


p.s. Remember to like and subscribe to the YT channel. 😉

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