I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.

Eartha Kitt

Hi, I'm Jennifer

I know a little bit about a lot of things. . .just enough to be dangerous. Lately most of those “things” are technology related, but I’ve had a pretty diverse background through which I’ve learned a bit of conference/event management, some marketing, a pinch of finance and a dash of small business management, all while managing projects across multiple industries for varied clients.

I currently wear a bunch of hats for my clients:

  • I make paper processes or ineffective electronic processes more efficient by enabling line-of-business applications and tools to talk to each other and run themselves (yay for APIs!).
  • I also manage their Office 365 presence, including administration and configuration of Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.
  • Recently I’ve also been helping a client completely redo a series of online courses to make them more interactive. I’m handling all of the new layout, interactivity, and doing the voice-over as well.
  • I am the nutty producer behind Animated No Agenda.
  • I also manage multiple Squarespace sites and WordPress sites for clients.

I hold a SC real estate license in case I get bored. (Ha!)

Oh, and I am trying my hand at voice-over work too. Demos are available online.

I was born in southern California, grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma, went to Michigan State for undergrad, spent a loooong time in Chicago and have recently landed in Charleston, SC (August 2013). My husband has been wanting to move south as long as I’ve known him and I finally gave in, as my typical projects and clients can be maintained from anywhere. Yes, we are still Bears fans.

My LinkedIn profile is here. I’m open to a variety of projects/opportunities, so feel free to reach out!