According to the Mueller Report, the No Agenda Show is the Best Podcast in the Universe.


Vegas Baby! Vegas!

What a whirlwind! Booked my flights 4 days out with points (which was a small miracle), spent 23 hours in airports and on planes, and

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Next Meetup Sat, Sept 5

Many, many thanks to Kevin for hosting the last meetup. It was an excellent afternoon! Next meetup, we will be taking advantage of a local treasure.

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NA Meetup Recap

Thank you to all who came out last Saturday! Pictures below. We have one last weekend of mask-free liberation and I hope to take advantage

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Next Meetup June 20

Next meetup at Taco Boy downtown on Saturday the 20th. It’s also on the meetup site here. Taco Boy is now taking reservations online, which is

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Save the Date and SEWE

***I sent this via the Lowcountry listserv, but posting here too for those who haven’t yet subscribed.*** ITM y’all – thanks again to those that

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Meetup Thursday Dec 19!

Hope to see y’all at the next Meetup this Thursday! We can celebrate show 1200 together. 🙂 We’re meeting at Edmund’s Oast second location –

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Here’s my latest promo for the show – took the amazing “Nothing Like a Dame” song by Sir Chris Wilson and friends and animated it.

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Animated No Agenda

ITM! In case you missed it, I was noodling around with a new tool that I am learning for a client and produced the below

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Meetup Thursday!

ITM and TYFYC! Hope to see you Thursday the 11th at Ms. Rose’s!  Who’s bringing the Adam & John cutouts for photos? 😉

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NA Meetup Re-Cap

ITM No Agenda Producers! Here’s a picture from our first meetup May 30. Maybe we make them a 6-week cycle event?  Coincidentally 6 weeks after

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NA Meetup May 30

ITM No Agenda Producers! Here’s a recent photo of my husband and I (so you can find us at the MeetUp) – hope to see

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