Next Meetup June 20

Next meetup at Taco Boy downtown on Saturday the 20th. It’s also on the meetup site here.

Taco Boy is now taking reservations online, which is way better than in mid-May when we had to call and hang out in the parking lot until they texted us.

Maybe by the 20th all of this ‘rona $h*t will be out the window. Who knows. For now, I have reserved a table of 8 that has 7. Anyone beyond the first 8 will need to make their own reservations. 🙂 Here’s the link.

Choose your own adventure!

RSVP to me via the meetup link, or preferably by email by the 18th and I will update everyone via email on the list I have etc. If you’re making your own, that would be very useful to know as well.

We’ll get the meet-shoot in the books soon as well. . .really looking forward to that in these nutty times. Good gravy.

If you’re new – pics from past meetups below. TYFYC!

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