Next Meetup Sat, Oct 3 @ 4 p.m.

Thanks to all who came out to the last meetup tubing the Edisto River. I had a great time and will definitely add that to my summer to-do list for next year.
Katie made an excellent suggestion for the next meetup and has Done the Work to organize it. Here’s a copy of her note below. Details and ability to RSVP are on the meetup site here:

I hope everyone is STAYING SAFE during these UNPRECEDENTED times. 
Because the river float was not up everyone's alley, we decided to schedule another meetup outside the 6 week cycle. Jennifer will be posting it on NA Meetups soon! [I will post the link when available]
When: Saturday, October, 3 from 4-6pm
Where: Holy City Brewing ( 1021 Aragon Ave, North Charleston, SC 29405 at the picnic tables in the back of the building.  Park and face the brewery, walk around the right side of the building near the event center under construction. No masks required because you aren't going in the building!
  • Holy City has a full bar and good food and is family friendly. Dogs are not people there so leave them at home. 
  • Some of the picnic tables are on the marsh. Depending on where we end up sitting, you might need bug spray!
  • Porta potties so you don't have to mask up to use the inside restrooms. 
  • Holy City requires a mask when ordering at the outdoor walk up counter, We can do the work to order for those who don't want to mask up.   
  • They ask to limit it to 8 people per table, and they don't take reservations, so please RSVP so we can get there early enough to grab good tables near each other!
I'm up there a good bit, so if I left anything out, just ask! 
TYFYC and I hope to see you there!

Oh, and ICYMI because you ff through the second donation segment and/or meetup reports, I did a promo that got played on Sunday the 20th.
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