Next Meetup Sat, Sept 5

Many, many thanks to Kevin for hosting the last meetup. It was an excellent afternoon!
Next meetup, we will be taking advantage of a local treasure. . .tubing the Edisto River from Givhans Ferry State Park. Kevin and his family went twice last month and Dame Beth has been as well. Sounds super fun! (NOT super painful like the Moderna ‘rona vaccine! *rubbing my arm*)
If you will be in town Labor Day weekend, we’ll be there Saturday, Sept 5. Timing is kinda impor’an’ so we can all launch together. The whole journey takes 2-3 hours depending on if/when we “pull over” at beaches etc. There is a great company that will take care of equipment, transit back etc if you book via the link below. Not totally necessary to pre-book if you’re not sure if you can make it, as long as you arrive at the right time to link up with us on the day.
I’m thinking we should target a launch around 11 am, so arrival about 10:30ish.
I realize this meetup is not everyone’s cup of tea and our next meetup will be more conventional. 🙂 We’re booked with dogs every weekend in Sept after Labor Day so I can’t host in September, but if the mask mandate goes away we could go back to a bar/restaurant. It was originally set to end at the end of August, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they pushed it out. . .fingers crossed that it isn’t extended.
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